Easy Healthy Camping Meals

Camping is a classic summertime activity, and it’s a great way to spend quality time outdoors with your friends and family.  Filmed at the Elora Gorge, this video shows you how to prepare delicious food while camping.  Roasting food over a fire not only makes it taste great, but it’s fun too!


A first snowfall for Eritrean children new to Canada

This heartwarming  video was posted by Rebecca Davies a spokesperson for the Ripple Refugee Project, a Toronto-based group of private citizens that sponsors, settles, and helps to integrate newcomers to Canada.

Remembrance Day 2018

Remembrance day takes place on November 11 every year and marks the signing of the agreement to end World War One. This Sunday marks 100 years since the signing of this agreement.  Remembrance Day is about showing our respect and gratitude to those who have sacrificed for our country. In Canada poppies are worn to remember because they are the flowers which grew on the battlefields after World War One ended.


Anytime ESL Coffee Break Discussions


The Avon Maitland District School Board Centre for Employment and Learning has created an online English as a second language program called Anytime ESL. Anytime ESL is a free program offered to all anyone that qualifies for Adult Non-Credit ESL services.

Anytime ESL, has developed an online instructor-led program that provides learners with an opportunity to practice their speaking and listening skills in a supportive environment. Learners at Canadian Language Benchmark Levels 1-5 can register online to participate in Live Group Discussions. This program will begin in September 2018 and continue until March 2019. A calendar of events and conversation topics can be found at Coffee Break Discussions.