Maggie MacDonnell

Maggie MacDonnell is an inspirational teacher making an incredible difference in the lives of young people from the Village of Salluit, an Inuit community in Quebec. She was recently awarded the prestigious Global Teacher Prize.


Salmon Spectacular Fishing Derby


The Salmon Spectacular is taking place in Owen Sound from August 25 until September 3, 2017. This is a family fishing festival. Enjoy live entertainment or plan to attend one of two fish fry’s to sample local fish. Events will be held in a giant tent, located at Georgian Shores Marina. The tent is open until 11 pm daily and admission is FREE. If you would like to fish and try and win one of the many prizes you will need to register and pay a fee.  More information about the derby can be found at Salmon spectacular. 

Lyme Disease


Lyme disease is becoming more common in parts of Ontario and it is important to learn how to protect yourself against the disease. To education yourself check out Lyme Disease Ontario . The site provides useful information about Blacklegged ticks also called Deer ticks, the only tick in Ontario which can carry Lyme Disease bacteria. Discover how to remove a tick and learn the signs and symptoms of the disease. If you catch Lyme Disease right away, research indicates, that your odds of recovery are very good.



Summer Computer Workshops


Are you new to computers? Do you need to improve your computer skills for an upcoming job? Georgian College will be offering FREE computer classes this month in Owen Sound. The workshops will introduce some essential computer basics for adults and would be helpful for both students and for people seeking employment. Additional information about these courses can be found at Computer Workshops. To register contact Julie Gruetzman 519.376.0840 ext. 2406 The program starts July 10, 2017.

News For English Language Learners


Reading the news is an excellent way to improve your English skills.  It is also a great way to learn about what is happening around the world.  Excellent short news stories designed to assist English learners improve their reading skills can be found at Breaking News English, Simple English News and News in Levels. Choose articles that interest you in a wide variety of topics.These sites give learners an opportunity to select reading material at a level they are most comfortable with.